Friday, 7 February 2014


Rather than clutter my main blog with long lists of links to writers, I decided to shunt all that stuff into a new blog disguised as the old blog. There aren't many resources listed here - I'll kill off that sentence when there are.
   If you strayed here without visiting the main blog, use the page link marked REPORT FROM A FUGITIVE. Contact info is over there.


Welcome to a list of links to other authors, all of whom are on the run. They are hereby charged with writing fiction for fun and profit, and are wanted by readers worldwide.

   Should you encounter any of their works, read those works. Treat those works as cautionary tales, lest you be forced to go on the run and write fiction yourselves. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


In no particular order…my library isn’t arranged alphabetically, so why would these links be…

RLL. I created a signpost blog that leads to my main blog. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are actually in this dimension, head over to the signpost and treble-check.
   Don’t take my word for it – I have a vested interest in making sure you are here, after all. There’s a cool picture of Alcatraz. What, that isn’t bribery enough?

Karen Woodward. Canadian author who told me to blog. Nice of someone to take the blame. She pretends to be a good person, and is polite with it.
   Some Canadian psycho-killers do this to blend in with all the other Canadians. It’s hard to tell the two types apart. Look for a bloody shovel in the hands. That’s usually a clue.

William Meikle. Scottish author from the Wild West (Ayrshire), now on the run in Canada. Known to go by the aliases Willie Meikle, Wild Bill Meikle, and the Kilbirnie Kid.
   Scary Willie confuses potential victims by carrying a bloody shovel while making use of a Scottish accent instead of a Canadian one.

Joshua P. Simon. This reiver, slayer, corsair, freebooter, highwayman, and sword-for-hire staggers in the mighty-thewed wake of Conan.
   Long in the telling are the tales of this mercenary’s exploits. Lucky for you, then, that I only have a paragraph in which to outline the man’s debauchery.

Kacey Vanderkarr. In a change to the featured show, I’m forced, at spongepoint, to plug a writer not yet published. One fine day, this state of affairs will be out of date.

   Until that day, Kacey’s books come to us through the Time Vortex of a nightmarish future world. In which milk is still extracted from cows. Kacey lives and works in Winterguard, which is a five-minute drive from Cair Paravel.
   Update. She’s published.

E.B. Black. Everywhere I looked, Death Author E.B. Black haunted the interwebs. But surely the internet is for shopping, and porn? It can't be subverted by an author interested in writing erotic mythology?
   Or is it mythological erotica? You'll have to write your own steamy centaur stories, folks. She's too busy giving us torrid tales of Pandora and Medusa.
   Hop on over to this scribbler's blog and shop for her porn.